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Hall of Fame

The River City Runners and Walkers Club Hall of Fame recognizes long-term club members who have made exceptional contributions to promote the goals and mission of the club. These goals will be based on participation through volunteering at club races and functions, serving on the club Board of Directors, directing club races, coordinating club functions, etc.

Nominations shall be limited to club members who are no longer running or walking or near the end of their running or walking careers because of age, health limitations, or injury but are still volunteering and working to promote the goals of the club. 

Nominations shall not exclude members or formers members who have met any of the qualifications mentioned but are no longer able to volunteer because of health or injury.

In addition, nomination and selection may be done posthumously.

Induction into the River City Runners and Walkers Club Hall of Fame shall include waived membership for life.

The RCRWC Board of Directors shall accept nominations once annually, in a timely manner, for approval and induction into the River City Runners and Walkers Club Hall of Fame at the Annual Awards Banquet. Approval for induction shall be by vote of the RCRWC Board of Directors.

This award is not automatically given each year; it is only given when a qualified club member is nominated and then accepted by the RCRWC Board of Directors.

Hall of Fame Inductees

2009 - Lottie Newton and Dale Carson

2010 - Joe Corra

2011 - Rick Brown

2012 - Norma Phillips

2013 - Gary Ogilvie

2016 - Tom Kramer and Lou Molinaro

2017 - Keith Hoy

2021 - Bob Meriwether and George Welch

Contact a board member to nominate a member today!

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